BOWLERS::: Fall Leagues are now beginning to form, interested in a fall league: Men's, Women's & Mixed leagues & Youth leagues available. Get together with your family & Friends, co-workers and call the Lanes. Bandit Lanes 385-2536, Meadowood Lanes 343-5985 & Robbinsdale Lanes 342-2935. 







 Tournament Calendar



 Meadowood Bowlers of the Week

Men's Game:  Ray Richey   290   plus 95  

Men's Series:   Jason Szymanske   716   Plus 161   

 Woman's Game :   Khaila Rybak   233   Plus 85 

Women's Series   Khaila Rybak   646   plus 202



Robbinsdale Bowlers of the Week

Men's Game   Mike Kiewel   280

Men's Series   Gary Scaggs   729

Women's Game  Laurie Sumners   233

Women's Series   Joleen Zoller   619

Senior Men's Game    Wayne Block   276

Senior Men's Series:  Wayne Block   624

Senior Women's Game:  Lila Sharp   195

Senior Women's Series:   Dianne Block   517

Sweeper Winner   Fred Kiewel